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Airplane Ambulance

SAS Aviations Aircraft Ambulance Service offers an innovative and reliable solution in emergency medical services. With our fast and effective air ambulance services, we are ready to perform life-saving interventions anytime, anywhere. We take action quickly in emergency situations with our critical services such as 'Air Ambulance', 'Emergency Aircraft Ambulance', and 'Fast Medical Transport'.

We provide high standards of medical care with our aircraft equipped with advanced medical equipment and our experienced medical staff. Our team, specialized in the fields of 'Aircraft Ambulance Services' and 'Emergency Air Transportation', provides 24/7 service and can respond immediately to any emergency situation. We extend a helping hand beyond borders with our 'International Aircraft Ambulance' and 'Domestic Emergency Flights' services.

As SAS Aviations, we take a leading role in the fields of 'Emergency Air Transport' and 'Rapid Medical Response'. Whether 'International Air Ambulance' or 'Local Emergency Flight Services', we always offer safe, fast and effective solutions. Contact us to get more information about 'Air Ambulance Services' and benefit from our services.

Aircraft Ambulance Squadron

  • Falcon 100

  • Falcon 50

  • Hawker 400

  • Citation 550 Bravo

  • Citation 560 Ultra

  • Learjet 45

  • Challenger 605 


Ataturk Airport 

General Aviation Terminal

Yesilkoy Istanbul Türkiye


+90 544 775 60 05


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