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Global Express XRS

Spacious Cabin with Comfort

Global Express XRS, signed by Bombardier Aerospace, sets a new standard in business jets with its large and spacious cabin structure.


The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Bombardier Global Express XRS, one of the most prestigious and luxurious business jets in the market, has been carefully designed to meet your most sophisticated demands.

Non-stop Long Range Flights

With a range of up to 11,600 km, Global Express XRS provides uninterrupted transportation to almost any point in the world without refueling.

Superiority in Comfort

Prioritizing quality in every detail, Bombardier Global Express XRS is a leading business jet in its class with its advanced cockpit design and cabin arrangement that provides high level of comfort.


11600 km

946 km/s

454 kg

one4 Person

Global Express XRS

Manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace, the Global Express XRS is an ultra-long-range business jet with a spacious cabin and a range of 11,600 km. This aircraft offers non-stop travel to almost anywhere in the world without refueling. With its speed, range and competitive hourly flight cost for its class, Global Express XRS is an excellent option for international flights. With its modern and unique design, this jet offers a comfortable flight experience in its spacious cabin area.

Bombardier Global Express XRS, among the most luxurious and successful business jets, is designed to meet the most sophisticated needs. This jet, which does not compromise on any detail with its advanced cockpit and cabin design that offers high level of comfort, allows you to reach almost anywhere in the world thanks to its intercontinental range.


Ataturk Airport 

General Aviation Terminal

Yesilkoy Istanbul Türkiye


+90 544 775 60 05


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